Thicc Spaniard’s First Anal

Welcome back friends, we’ve got a real treat for ya this week. It’s 23 year old Nicky, and let’s just say voluptuous is an understatement. This blonde bombshell has more curves than the Nurburgring, so buckle up and get ready for some fun. Nicky is from Spain, and she’s got a bit of an accent, and she’s quite soft spoken, what’s not soft spoken are those tits, and you can tell exactly what kind of heat she’s packing in that tight black onesie. After some quick poses in front of the wall, Rick gets right into it. She seems to understand English pretty well, apparently she taught a bit in Spain, either way, we all know S-E-X and M-O-N-E-Y are the universal languages and Nicky wants both. After getting to know her for a bit it’s time to see what’s under those clothes. Yes, “Like right now, and here.” Doesn’t take much convincing and booyow we finally get to see those magnificent titties. Ghatdamn we love a set of big ol’ natties, and those are as big and natural as they come. Back on the couch the vibrator kinda helps loosen her up a bit, and then she takes a buttplug for the first time. After showing us how she masturbates it’s time to progress this interview to the next level and it’s time to see how she works with a male talent. After some squirming, she reluctantly agrees. She does not disappoint, she’s built for comfort and boy is she comfy. After some lovely head, I’m behind her clapping those lovely cheeks. We do some riding and more fucking on the couch before we move over to the desk for some missionary. Then it’s time to knock out a first for our sweet Spaniard. She’s never done anal before, and if you remember from the interview she’s eager to try. Well no better time than the present. I really get a chance to work that ass, and she really warms up to the anal. After some riding and missionary I fuck her mouth and you know I gotta fuck them titties real quick. We finish off with the chair and how could I not take advantage of those beautiful braces, so I blow my load directly on them, and squirt some on her face as well. She’s still all smiles back on the couch with cum dripping all over those big titties. We get her dressed ever so carefully as not to ruin that black onesie and after a kiss she says Adios! <3 Cam

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