Volcano Of Orgasms

Now here’s something special, a video that’s been a decade in the making, at least in the sexually adventurous head of our latest MILF, Jenn. Under that quiet mom of three, grandmother of two exterior is a kinky as fuck submissive with a penchant for bondage and swinger parties, that’ll work. Jenn has been sexual since she lost her virginity at 14 and now a horny divorcee, she likes pushing her limits and challenging herself with the biggest cocks she can find. Which of course brings her to us. Tyler knows a good thing when he sees it, so he took full advantage of the situation and gave Jenn the fuck of her life. Nothing says sexy like stamina and our orgasm counter was working overtime on this one. So sports fans, get ready to quiver and quake as Jenn’s pulsating pussy sends this one into overtime. So with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update, Cheers! Steve

Orgasm Count Total – 21 (16:28, 16:39, 16:57, 17:15, 17:41, 18:21, 22:52, 25:39, 27:24, 27:49, 28:44, 32:26, 37:04, 40:57, 42:50, 46:47, 47:30, 53:21, 53:53, 1:01:10, 1:05:17)

P.S. She likes Creampies so just had to give her something different. Cheers

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