Delightfully Over The Top

Today we introduce firecracker teen Nikki who by her own admission quoted “Today I felt Like A BEEP,” after the festivities concluded on the bed with sexy Megan Marx. Nikki, who was a cheer squad gal for most of her teen years is an extremely fun and very over the top fantastic girl. Definition of a spinner, literally, and you could power a few small neighborhood homes with this girl’s energy and I don’t like to use the Beep word that often but Nikki brought it out today, and towards the end of today’s shenanigans used a dildo to throat fuck her self and gagged that newbie’ness right out of her. Now I’m not encouraging, endorsing nor advocating these types of acts on this site but somehow it’s fitting for Nikki and the chemistry between these two was electrifying with Megan spitting into Nikki’s mouth not once, not twice, but three times today at (51:51, 54:41, 55:03). She loves this stuff she stated during the interview and we love your enthusiasm to try new things, because at (1:01:33) Megan attempted to fist Nikki’s tight as fuck twat. Like I said this girl is a ton of fun and with an unsure yet encouraged look on her face Megan began inserted one finger, then two, then three, and Nikki shook her head and said with a smile, “Nope” as Megan tried a fourth. “I guess that pussy’s just to tight,” Megan declared and then the newly tagged “The Shocker” went up Nikki’s holes at (1:02:15). Proving you’re never to old to learn about fun and new things that can go up your orifices. So sit back and enjoy the show. It’s a show all right, worth the price of admission and until next weeks update, Cheers. Steve

P.S. Nikki tells a story during the interview about her and a young girlfriend that you just have to hear. It’s hot as fuck and it happened off and on a few times a week for over a year when they worked at a major supermarket chain. It involved a storage room, two naked teens on break and spoiler alert, was her first lesbian experiences. You wont look at going to Safeway the same again. She also loves to lick ass and what’s that saying? You can take the girl out of the something, but you can’t take the something out of the girl? Or something like that. Toodles

Orgasm Count Totals:
Megan Blue – 3 (33:19, 54:31, 1:29:29)
Nikki Pink – 4 (24:05, 28:57, 41:22, 1:15:29)

Today’s Outstanding Quotes:
Nikki – “Suck on my clit like that.” (22:29)
Nikki – “Oh you’re going to make me cum.” (23:26)
Nikki – “Let me eat your pussy.” (24:29)
Megan – “Now put your tongue right on my clit.” (27:09)
Megan – “Why don’t you come up and ride my face.” (29:55)
Nikki – “Play with your pussy while you eat my pussy.” (31:09)
Megan – “It’s my turn to sit on your face.” (33:59)
Megan – “You like being dominated don’t you.” (50:45)
Nikki – “Oh you make me cum so much.” (59:12)
Megan – “Your pussy looks so good stretched out.” (1:01:20)
Megan – “Two fingers in your pussy and one in your ass.” (1:02:20)
Megan – “You want to taste? Now this was in your ass.” (1:04:33)
Megan – “Let’s start with something in your ass.” (1:09:04)
Megan – “Here, put this in your mouth and you’re going to be airtight.” (1:13:04)

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