Be Gentle, Fuck Me Hard

Jax is working out at the gym when he receives a call from Matteo, a young twink who can’t stop fantasizing about him. The young cutie just turned 18 and dreams of having his cherry popped by the hot hunk–Jax’s favorite! As the two meet up, Matteo is a tad bit nervous, as he never imagined this happening. Jax softly caresses him and helps him relax. He loves guiding mischievous and inexperienced twinks through the process of rough sex. With some gentle kissing, Jax gets Matteo naked and rubs every inch of his smooth body. Grabbing his head, Jax slowly directs the handsome Latino’s face to his cock, teaching him how to properly eat some man meat. Matteo likes the taste of dick instantly, attempting to feel the tip of Jax’s boner in the back of his throat. Noticing that he’s ready, Jax turns Matteo around and stuffs his cum hole up with his luscious cock. A world of pleasure opens for Matteo as he feels his favorite pornstar pushing harder and harder–a new start for this horny twink bottom!

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